Custom Synthesis

A wide variety of chemical synthesis through technological innovation, the synthesis of biologically active compounds of various structures, upon request, custom synthesis from mg to kg class level. Custom synthesis market has developed rapidly in recent years, active pharmaceutical ingredients market and custom synthesis business has developed rapidly, with the market's eastward custom synthesis, custom synthesis industrial scale in India and China are expanding, due to the unique human, technical superiority and cost-efficient, Chinese investment in custom synthesis CRO more obvious advantages, the market value is large, a good development prospects, the emergence of a number of large-scale, high technology CRO companies. Since being in constant progress and development period, standardized construction and urgently implement effective development strategies.

To accommodate this change, and now in the management of enterprises using ERP (enterprise resource planning systems, Enterprise Resource Planning) to automate, digital management, the use of CIMS in production (Computer Integrated Manufacturing System, Computer Integrated Manufacturing System), the supply and using SCM (supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Management) on the distribution.

In online marketing services strategy analyzes the characteristics of personalized service. As an important part of personalized service, customized according to customer demand production is the basic form of the Internet age meet individual customer needs. Customized production according to customer objects can be divided into two categories, one is faced with custom manufacturing of industrial organization market, this part of the market belongs to the supplier's collaboration with ordering problems, such as Boeing in the design and production of new aircraft, the requirements of its supplier in accordance with its overall aircraft design standards and cost requirements to organize production. Custom production of such industrial organizations belonging to the market, mainly through the industry value chain, from upstream to downstream firms raised demand and cost control requirements, upstream and downstream enterprises through collaborative design, development and production of spare parts to meet the needs of the downstream business products.