Product Name: Vinpocetine

CAS NO: 42971-09-5

Purity: EP (98.5-101.5%)

Molecular Formula: C22H26N2O2


Product Name: Vinpocetine

CAS NO: 42971-09-5

Purity: EP (98.5-101.5%)

Molecular Formula: C22H26N2O2

Vinpocetine is a semisynthetic alkaloid derived of Vincamine that is found in the aerial part of the Vinca minor plant.Vincamine production process is based on synthesis from the Tabersonine, an indole alkaloid obtained from Voacanga africana seeds.
Voacanga africana is a tropical, evergreen tree belonging to the Apocynaceae family, with yellow or white flowers, that grows up to a height of around 6 m. Native to the West African rainforests, it prefers well composted rich soils in a protected sunny to partly shaded position, and is sensitive to drought and frost. Voacanga africana is well known to African magic healers although little is known about the actual use of the seeds and bark of the various Voacanga species other than the fact that the plant is held in high esteem for ritual purposes. The Voacanga seeds are carefully harvested through a selected network of suppliers. Each shipment leaving West Africa is inspected previously by a  representative in situ so as to ensure raw materials of the highest quality all over the world.
Vinpocetine is widely used in the management of psychic and neurological symptoms (memory disorders, aphasia, apraxia, motor disorders, dizziness and headache) and acute and chronic cerebral circulatory disorders of various origins (post-apoplectic, post-traumatic or sclerotic). Vinpocetine improves collateral circulation (in ischemic brain damage, advanced brain damage and advanced cerebral arteriosclerosis) in the treatment of cerebral vascular insufficiency in patients with coronary heart disease and arterial hypertension (stroke). Vinpocetine is also used to treat acute and chronic ophthalmological diseases of various origins, providing an improvement in visual acuity in 70% of the patients treated. In otology, Vinpocetine can be used in vascular presbycusis, some toxic (iatrogenic) hearing impairments and vertigo of labyrinth origin. (123)

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